AKEA Life is a private practice offering general medical appointments to registered patients. AKEA offers a great variety of services for its members. Annual membership perks includes all doctor consultations, visits, prescriptions and referrals for anyone listed in the membership.

THE challenge

To develop an operating platform that would provide a new level of intuitive and affordable clinical and administrative information systems that could integrate and streamline the operations of GP and ambulatory clinics for every registered patient.

The task was to show detailed information regarding the services, offer registration and payment via PayPal, and build a functional personal account. Additionally, the web system needed to be connected to the Meddbase system to allow doctors to work with the patients online.


  • View Personal Information
  • Doctor Appointments
  • View Financial Information
  • Account Top Up
  • Managing Family Accounts
  • Meddbase API Integration

The solution

The web portal offers features such as comprehensive information about the services and specialties provided; scheduling for medical appointments; information regarding health insurance agreements; and data on diseases and treatments. Additionally, AKEA Life allow customers to see all important information after the appointment with their doctor - using Meddbase integration.

To power all this, DDC DS developed a comprehensive Admin panel that can be updated directly by the website owner. The system allows managing content pages, users, practitioner responses, promo codes for discounted membership, etc.

21 layouts

Were Developed

Project features

Thematic Banners

Membership Plans
For Family, Bussiness and VIP

All Queries Recorded To The
Integrated CRM System

Individual Pages
For Each Membership Plan

Membership Options

Cost Is Calculated
With The Help Of Special Formulas

Account Owner

Payment Via PayPal
Pay Annually - Get 10% Discount

Ability To Add
Relatives To The Family Account

User account

  • View Personal Information
  • Account Top Up
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Managing Family Accounts
  • Viewing Financial Information
  • Service Usage Statistics

Responsive Design

The user is now able to use all functions of the system using his/her mobile phone. With the adaptive design development by DDC DS, even complicated systems are easy to use.