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DDC DS provides custom designed websites and innovative web solutions for the health sector and private healthcare. With more than five years of experience under our belt, we are uniquely positioned in the digital industry we know what makes our websites exceptional.

Have a look at one of our most favourite projects – AKEA Life!

Here is a short list of features implemented by our team in 2017:

  • Family & Business Membership Enrollment
  • Health Questions: Communicate With Your GP Online
  • Several Payment Options: Monthly or Annual Discounted Payment
  • Discounts & Promo codes
  • Blue Zone Treatment: New Additional Service by AKEA Life
  • Meddbase API Integration

And much more that you can spot on the site itself!


A service that will send a private GP to a door when it`s needed for was launched in March 2017. AKEA Life aims to “revive the traditional family doctor” by offering consultations at home, or place of work, outside normal surgery hours – in return for a monthly or annual fee.

 Only available in the North West of England at the moment, it has six doctors on standby. The aim is to cover most parts of the UK within two years.


AKEA Life brings exclusive private medical service available for families and businesses in the UK. With the help of Meddbase API integration, patients can review your consultations, check their prescriptions and seek additional information about their health through your own health homepage.

Registered patients are required to pay monthly or annually by PayPal. There are also great discounts and promotional codes available on request. 

With the introduction of the Blue Zone Treatment in November 2017, patients can get a safe and sustainable approach to weight loss that doesn`t involve surgery or fancy dieting. 

If you are interested in creating a powerful service that will bring convenience to your customers we are more than happy to discuss it with you. 
Contact a DDC DS expert today to schedule a consultation. Or take a look at our case studies to have a better understanding about our services.

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