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Best ways to promote your site

So you now have a new website! Congratulations! What next? The success of your business comes in a lot of ways but the success of your website will come sooner if you promote it. 

We would like to discuss the most common tools to attract more customers to your site: 

  • SEO
  • Google Adwords 
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Content Writing Affiliate Programme



Google Search Engine is the most disciplined teacher for new site-makers. If your site does not have a clear structure, your content is not unique and you do not highlight the most important keywords - it is highly unlikely that your site will be on top of Google search results. SEO promotion is a continuous process but it greatly improves your online performance.

Google Adwords

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is one of the most popular and efficient ways of promotion. It is great as it is usually precisely targeted to those users who are interested in your product. It happens when they enter keywords and find your ad in a special search box. And you pay just for clicks - that`s it! This is why Google Adwords is considered as the most convenient type of advertising on the Internet. 

Facebook and Instagram

Folks are widely using these social networks nowadays. Both of them offer a great set of advertising tools for business.Your profile can tell more about a company`s product and services as well as to inform about special offers and promotions. To keep your audience engaged it is vital to create high-quality content. With the help of this type of promotion, you can reach multi-million audience coverage, and to hear back from your customers to shape your business model.

Content Writing Affiliate Programme

Search engines love it when your site is mentioned somewhere else on the Internet. This is why external linking is so important. Don`t forget to choose reliable resources with great content and similar direction of thinking to your business. The more your site is cited the higher your ranks will be. If your site is popularised at cool places it will also make users trust you more. 


This is far from an exhaustive list though. DDC Digital Solutions is here to think over your future advertising strategy. We will analyze your target audience and competitors to come with the best promotional set of tools for your specific business goals.

We not only deal with online advertising campaigns but also develop amazing sites and mobile applications. Have a look at our services and case studies and you will have no doubt in choosing us as your digital partner. 

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