Sponsorship Coach is a training, coaching and mentoring business that develops organisations in how to grow their value across the Brand Partnership industry.

The core areas of expertise lay across:

    • Business development
    • Experiential marketing
    • Brand impact, development & management
    • Audience engagement & experience
    • Business Processes for efficiency & navigation

Sponsorship Coach value effects Agencies, Right Holders and Brands.

THE challenge

The website had to be completely redesigned because the old look was a little bit outdated. The site previously had a slightly complicated registration form as well as the online payment system.

An important task was to update the design and maintain a convenient navigation to make the site intuitively clear for the user. Our Development Team added some new sections of the menu:

  • Coaches
  • Partners
  • Testimonials
  • Contacts
  • Services: three submenus

The solution

We decided to shift the focus and created clearer navigation in the Services section. The new corporate website now has bright look and only necessary functions.


Each workshop has its own unique description. DDC DS added feedback of those who have already been fortunate enough to attend the workshops. When choosing a workshop, the user can also contact the managers of the company


On this page, the user can see all leading coaches and their track record. The user has to contact the company to clarify all the additional details.


Project features

Coach Profile

Opportunity To
Contact The Representative

Testimonial Page

Each Testimonial Has The Bright Logo

Detailed Description
For Courses

Sidebar Testimonials Play Role
As CTA Elements

Ability To Enroll To
Courses & Workshops

Responsive Design

This website is optimized for use on mobile devices. Increase your customer loyalty & retention by making your site easy-to-use and stay on top!