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Розробка мобільних додатків на Apple iOS

Протягом багатьох років ми отримали багато досвіду роботи з орієнтованими на користувача програмами для мобільних пристроїв на основі платформи iOS. Ці додатки використовують найновіші програмні інструменти, такі як XCODE, OSX і Object C. Наша команда з розробки мобільних додатків використовує останні тенденції користувальницького інтерфейсу, щоб створити ідеальний дизайн для потреб вашої компанії.

Розробка додатків на Google Android

Android стає все більш популярним як операційна система для користувачів і підприємств. Будьте впевнені, наш перевірений досвід успішних проектів показує, що ми можемо створити додаток для Android вашої мрії. Кожне завдання для нас може бути виконано легко і без проблем.

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  • "DDC DS allowed us the opportunity to take our vision of property based Fan Exchanges to a reality. DDC DS provided us with an exceptional solution; building attractive and easy-to-use websites while handling all of the necessary back-end functions. DDC DS’s quick turnaround time and general responsiveness has helped TixCity deliver successful ticket exchanges for our partners and their fans. DDC DS has proven our confidence in their expertise. There is a certain respect we have for DDC DS to turn their work around in a timely manner. The professionalism and respect that DDC DS employees exude has bridged this budding partnership closer together."

    Lon Belvin


  • "Before we partnered with DDC DS, we had gone through a relatively extensive evaluation process and spoke to 10 other organizations.  In addition to the usual criteria of price, ability, accessibility we wanted a company that would be less of a vendor and more of an extension of our organization and that`s where DDC DS really pulled ahead of the other groups. The DDC DS team was extremely open/excited about TicketCorp’s concept for the app.  And continue to be. DDC DS’s team works very collaboratively with us to strategize, brainstorm ideas, and execute the project.  We are learning, growing, and developing this app (and even my company) as a single, cohesive unit and THAT is the key to our success."  

    Judy Cardiff

    Head of Product

  • "I can`t speak highly enough of DDC DS team. For me the quality of the product is not only exceptional but the process of getting their service is professional and enjoyable.

    They act of very quickly on all requests, they always provide comprehensive notes from detailed meetings to ensure no breakdown in communication or expectation and most importantly the quality of the work they do is of a very high standard given the speed in which they turned it around.

    The team at Akea Life cannot recommend the DDC Digital Solutions team highly enough."

    Ben Paglia

    Head of Product

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